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wagamama Feed Your Soul: Fresh + simple recipes from the wagamama kitchen

wagamama Feed Your Soul: Fresh + simple recipes from the wagamama kitchen

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Author: Wagamama Limited

Edition: 01

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 265

Release Date: 19-09-2019



These dishes have been designed for every occasion and offer recipes for a variety of diets. Cook rapid weekday meals, watch slow-cooked ramens simmer and even learn the art of making gyoza - Feed Your Soul is packed with tips and ideas for bringing wagamama to your kitchen.

Feed Your Soul encourages mindful cooking - taking the time to appreciate and enjoy creating and eating these dishes is key. Methods for preparing your own homemade ramen noodles, kimchee, sauces and stocks are shared, so your dishes can be created entirely by you. We can't always spare the time to make everything from scratch, so you'll also find speedy, nutritious and simple recipes, as well as ingredient swaps and hacks.

Including the never-before-shared recipe for chicken katsu curry, the famous yaki soba and fiery bang bang cauliflower, the dishes are balanced and offer suggestions for alternatives should you not have all the ingredients at home, allowing you to be more sustainable and creative in the kitchen.

With original food photography, evocative shots of Japanese food emporia and lifestyle shots of noodles, ramen and ingredients, Feed Your Soul is set to become the new classic wagamama cookbook.

Languages: English