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Seeing Things: A Memoir

Seeing Things: A Memoir

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Author: Postgate, Oliver

Edition: Main

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 439

Release Date: 05-11-2009

Details: Oliver Postgate is widely regarded as the greatest children's storyteller of the modern era. His work, which included The Clangers, Ivor the Engine, The Pogles, Noggin the Nog and, most famously, Bagpuss, is beloved by generations.

In this delicious memoir Oliver Postgate describes how he came to create his stories and characters, developing innovative techniques of animation and puppetry alongside his friend and co-producer Peter Firmin. Amazingly, almost all of Oliver's films were made in a cowshed in Kent on a budget of next to nothing.

The story of Oliver Postgate's extraordinary and adventurous life, and the wonderful characters who populated it - both real and imagined - is witty, charming, beautifully remembered and exquisitely told.

Languages: English