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Safe Glass ampoule Opener

Safe Glass ampoule Opener

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Color: Green


  • ABS plastic snap device: The plastic case completely encloses the glass ampoule, holding the neck in place so that it can be broken with a simple snap.
  • The amp device can be locked in the open position (by means of a clip on the back) and contents of the ampoule can be drawn up in situ.
  • Fits 1ml - 2ml ampoules, but can also open 5ml ampoules by only locking the ampoule head in the top section of the device.
  • The snap device is engineered for durability and ease of use; The hinges will last at least 200 uses.
  • NOTE: Make sure the painted dot on the ampoule neck is facing out, as this is the week spot for the break

Binding: Personal Care